/help show discord link and webpage

/setmotd¬†<Message>¬†– Changes a MOTD (only for tribe admins). Example: “/setmotd Hello tribe members!


shows u shop items to see shop 2 use /shop 2


Shows current amount of points.


/buy Buys the item from shop.


/shopsell to get items u can sell

/sell then id and then amount

/kit Redeems the kit

/trade ‘Player Name’ amount

/trade ‘Player Name’ amount Trades the points to a player

floating damage on or off

/pvp 1 on

/pvp 1 off

/suicide kill yourself

/track <DinoName> – Will return the map long and latitude of where the dino is. <DinoName> is a dino name or dino tag.


fills turrets with in four foundations with ammo from players inventory.

/stats dino or /stats player for global count

/mystats Shows your stats

Player kills count: {0} Deaths count: {1} Wild dino kills count: {2} Tamed dino kills count: {3}