All beaver dams are boosted and give more resources also chance to get saddle also auto destroy after 60 seconds to stop the build-up of wood.

White drops with no ring around give artefacts.

Charge battery now requires more to build with custom craft witch can be seen under crafting on players, not in engrams.

Ark shp points for killing dinosaurs.

Disabled turrets on rafts and platforms

Gates can no longer be used on platform saddles and rafts to block damage

Better supply drop item quality.

Ark shop Points for killing players and for players that die they loose Ark shop Points.

Custom craft cost for grapples parashot’s and claiming picks.

Weigt boosted on players and dinosaurs to match 10 x harvest on the cluster.

Chat commands u can use in global chat see menu link above

Flyers allowed on all servers All dinosaurs allowed on all servers there are default dinosaurs ark don’t allow to be transferred from server to server we cant chnge these dinosaurs for example on vaulgero the chalk golem.

Ante mesh system.

Dino Tracker.

Ability to tern on and off floating damage text.

Turret fill command